Mullahs: Our ‘United Global Muslim Alliance’ defeated by Ahmadiyya.

Mullahs (clergy) from all sects have been opposing the Ahmadi Muslims since the inception of the community by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) in 1889. Many leading clerics of United India called for a complete boycott of Ahmadis and incited attacks on them. They boasted that Ahmadiyyat would die in a matter of years and would fail to grow outside the small village of Qadian (where the community began) in India. But against all this bitter opposition, the Promised Messiah (as) calmly foretold that God had promised him:

“I shall cause thy message to reach the corners of the earth.”

For the last many decades, brutal laws are in place in Pakistan that restrict all religious freedom of the Ahmadi Muslims. But despite all of this, close to a century after the foundation of the community, the Ahmadi Muslims constitute the single largest Muslim Community in the world today, united under one leader. The community is also the fastest growing faith group worldwide. The anti-Ahmadi Mullahs have finally begun to accept their defeat in their private circles. And I present a few examples.

1. Deobandi cleric Shaykh Mumtaz Ul Haq of the UK says that despite the combined efforts of all Muslim sects (Salafis, Hanafis, Shafis, Malikis, Deobandi, Barelvi, Ahl-e-Hadith and Shias), the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has spread to all corners of the earth. He specifically mentions a large group of Palestinian Arabs who have joined the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

“Despite this united global Muslim alliance against Qadianis (pejorative for Ahmadi Muslims), the qadianis are still spreading,” he says. This statement reminds one of the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), wherein he foretold that one Jamaat in the latter days would stand out against 72 other sects of Muslims. The anti-Ahmadi global Muslim alliance he is so proud of only fulfills this grand prophecy regarding this age. May be it is time to stop the oppression?

2. Maulana Tanveer Ahmad Makki says all Sunnis including Deobandis, Barelvis, Ahl-e-Hadith got together and gave it all that was in their power, used every means possible, but despite all these efforts, Ahmadi Muslims keep spreading to the corners of the earth.

3. Maulana Tahir Abdur Razaq (one of the vilest anti-Ahmadi Sunni Mullah I have come across in life) says Ahmadi Muslims are intellectually very sound and strong while anti-Ahmadi clerics are the most ignorant people these days. No one can come close to matching the Ahmadis in their arguments and reasoning he says. He also gives his own example on how he managed to deflect an intellectual discussion when challenged by an Ahmadi Muslim, and refused to debate on the core issue.

4. European anti-Ahmadi cleric lamenting on how Ahmadi Muslims have prospered so much and become such a respected community in Europe while the Mullahs are only good at “hollow slogans and nothing else.”

5. An Indian Mullah says all claimants to prophethood after Holy Prophet (pbuh) have miserably failed, but Ahmadiyyat keeps spreading and we are unable to counter the Ahmadi Muslims with all our combined power. Hint? Ironically, he calls for more boycotts and banishment of the Ahmadi Muslims. Reminds me of a famous quote attributed to Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

6. This cleric says Ahmadi Muslims have translated the Quran in 106 languages and are serving Islam world over while the anti-Ahmadi Mullahs are just a bunch of ignorant and lazy people who have done nothing that comes close.

7. Famous Sunni cleric Dr. Israr admits Ahmadiyya Islam is spreading far and wide despite all measures the Mullahs take against them. He further says that the only way to control the spread of Ahmadiyya Islam is to kill the Ahmadis. Crazy stuff!

There are many other statements out there but these should suffice for the purposes of this blog. My message to the Mullahs is this:

You, your fathers, and their fathers, all tried your best to extinguish the light of Ahmadiyya Islam. You formed, in your own words, a united global Muslim alliance against the Ahmadi Muslims. You also admit that this global alliance has been an utter failure and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s message keeps spreading and flourishing to the corners of the world, winning hearts in all parts of the world. If you represent Islam and Ahmadi Muslims are indeed the traitors of the faith that you portray them to be, why is Allah helping them? Why is Allah failing you despite your strong alliances backed by States and governments? Could it be that you are rallying to oppose one who has been commissioned by God Himself?

“And who is more unjust than he who forges a lie against ALLAH or treat HIS Signs as lies? Surely the wrong-doers shall not prosper.” (6:21)

“And when they had cast, Moses said, ‘What you have brought is mere sorcery. Surely, Allah will make it vain. Verily, Allah does not allow the work of mischief-makers to prosper.” (10:81)

Read these verses again. And ask yourself in solitude. Why is Ahmadiyya Islam prospering & why are your global anti-Ahmadi alliances failing? Doesn’t God say He will destroy anyone who invents a lie in His name? Who is the real wrong-doer here? Reflect & take heed. And be done with the oppression!

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) clearly foresaw this outcome:

“I claim with all certainty that I am truthful and with the grace of Allah, I shall be victorious in this battle. When I look into the distance, I see the signs of my victory and when I observe the period closer, I see that in the near future, I shall gain a glorious victory because another Tongue is speaking in my favour and for the establishment of my hand, another Hand is working. What the world cannot observe, I observe. A heavenly soul is speaking within me, and it is granting life to every word which I utter. A certain power and glory has come into movement in the heavens, which has established this humble person. Anyone upon whom the doors of repentance have not been closed will observe that I am not on my own. Do they not possess the eyes which can distinguish the truth? Is he alive also who cannot feel the thunder from heaven?”

In his passing will to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Promised Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) foretold of this success that was to come, and of your persecution as well:

“Do not think that God will let you go waste. You are the seed that God has planted with His own hands. God says that this seed will grow and blossom and its branches will spread out to all directions and it will become a big tree. Blessed are those who believe in what God says and do not fear the trials that come in between” (Al Wasiyyat)

The Promised Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) also prayed:

IMG_2016-01-11 14:18:30

“Oh Most Powerful, Oh Creator of the heavens & the earth; Oh Gracious, Oh Merciful, Oh One who Guides! Oh Thee that keeps an eye on the hearts; Oh Thee that nothing else is hidden from; If indeed you find me full of disobedience and mischief; And if you have found me to be deceitful; Then demolish this evil-doer to pieces; And bring happiness to the camp of my opponents; Shower Thy blessings on their hearts; And by Thy grace, fulfill all their wishes and desires; Shower fire on all that is mine; Become my enemy and destroy all my doings; BUT If You have found me to be your obedient one; And have found me treading on your Chosen path; Then come Thyself to me in my defense; For you are my Guardian, my Refuge, and my Destination.”

It is the doings of the anti-Ahmadi Mullahs that are falling back on their faces. It is their plans – as they readily admit – that are being demolished into pieces. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s (as) community is continuing to flourish (Alhamdolillah) amidst bitter persecution, and amidst one of the world’s worst apartheids of this age.

And say: “Truth has come, and Falsehood has perished: for Falsehood is bound to perish.” (17:81)


  • AsFa B

    I must admit, watching these people was quite amusing. Great compilation!

    “I will cause thy message to reach the corners of the earth.”

  • Tahir Nasser

    Beautiful article. Very moving poem at the end. He left no stone unturned and no argument incomplete.

  • Usman

    Molviyon ki aqal!

  • Kazeem Muinat

    Another wonderful piece of kashif. His words shows his confidence, no doutbt. I hope the mullah can see with their eyes. Allah helps who He pleases and will never let the work of those who do good be in vain. It seems mullah are really pushing the Ahmadis to thier success, while they themselves are devided.

  • Ouzy

    Brother Chaudhry, may Allah bless your efforts immensely.. MaashaAllah, this is enough proof for a seeker after truth.
    However, for those who can’t speak Urdu, would it be possible for you to give subtitles to the Urdu videos, as done with the last video.. It will be very much helpful InshaAllah..

    • AA, will definitely try when I have a free moment. Good suggestion. Thanks brother!

  • Minahil Ahmad

    Excellent article. This is a true example of:
    “Truth has come, and Falsehood has perished: for Falsehood is bound to perish.” (17:81)
    Allah fulfills His promise and Ahmadiyyat is bound to flourish because Allah Almighty is with this Jama’at.

  • I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!

  • Hi there, I read your new stuff like every week.
    Your story-telling style is awesome, keep up the good work!

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