What do Mullahs Base Their Takfir of Ahmadi Muslims on?

Ahmadi Muslims are regarded as heretics by many orthodox Sunni and Shia clerics across the ‘Muslim world.’ In countries like Pakistan, Ahmadi Muslims face threats of imprisonment as the law prohibits them from identifying as Muslim, or even posing as one. As such, Ahmadi Muslims have been arrested for reading the Quran, saying their prayer, invoking  the Muslim greeting of peace (Salam), printing “InshAllah” (God willing) on wedding cards, reciting the Kalima (Islamic creed), identifying their place of worship as a Mosque, saying the Muslim call to prayer (Adhan), etc etc. Interestingly though, there is not a single Sunni or Shia cleric who is willing to defend their position on the Ahmadi Muslims through dialogue or debate. Instead of citing the Quran or Sunnah, they consistently cite one another to support their claim that Ahmadi Muslims are infidels, some going as far as condemning them as “worthy of death.”

Here is how a typical conversation (mostly based on my actual conversations) with the anti-Ahmadi brigade usually goes:

Farhan: Ahmadis are non-Muslim infidels.
Me: How so? Why would you say that?
Farhan: Mr. Saqlain Ahmad, who is well-studied in religion, told me. I trust him.

Mr. Saqlain: Ahmadis are non-Muslim infidels. 
Me: How so? Why would you say that?
Mr. Saqlain: Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, who is a great Islamic scholar said so. I trust him.

(Mr. Muhammad Suattar, Executive Director Imam Ghazali Institute, actually said this: I consider Ahmadis Kafir, but I am no Scholar. I rely on scholars like Sh. Hamza Yusuf on this issue.)

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf: Ahmadis are non-Muslim infidels. They are a Fitna (curse) in the Muslim world. (The Shaykh had to clarify his position after he came under intense pressure for referring to Ahmadis as Muslims)
Me: How so? Why would you say that?
Shaykh Hamza Yusuf: Al Azhar University said that. I trust Al Azhar you infidel. I defer such Takfiri judgments to them.

Me: Al Azhar, Why would you take up God’s role and declare a whole Muslim community non-Muslim infidel.
Al Azhar: We did not declare anyone Kafir. One of our former muftis (1982-1992), Shaykh Gad al-Haqq passed the Takfir on Ahmadi Muslims. He is the one Shaykh Hamza trusts, not the other Muftis and rectors who refrain from Takfir.

Shaykh Gad al-Haqq: Ahmadis are non-Muslim infidels.
Me: How so? Why would you say that?
Shaykh Gad al-Haqq: Saudi clerics have also said the same. I trust them. How can they be wrong?

Me: Salam Saudi Arabia, Why would you consider self-identifying Muslims infidels based on some difference in theology.
Saudi Arabia: Everyone is Kafir except those who bow down before us. Ahmadis are Fitna! Actually Shias are also Fitna! Barelvis are also Fitna! Only we are the true Muslims!

This is the chain that a common Sunni Muslim refers to when they declare Takfir on Ahmadi Muslims and preach their exclusion and oppression. None comes forward to test their claim against the main sources of Islamic jurisprudence, namely the Quran and Sunnah. We know well that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never issued any edicts of heresy against anyone, not even the hypocrites of Medina. How sad then that those who claim to follow him forget his example of tolerance, pluralism and inclusiveness and instead tread on the paths of exclusion, prejudice and hate, taking up a role that is reserved for God (The Judge) alone.

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