Exchange with Irish Cleric Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri

I recently interacted with one of the biggest Sunni clerics in Ireland, Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri. This is how everything started. The Shaykh was preaching the importance of unity amongst the Muslims. I agreed with him and mentioned that as [...]

Musaylimah was Killed for his ‘Talibani’ Activities, not his Claims

Extremist clerics and their ignorant followers – and Islamophobes alike – allege that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the early caliphs of Islam killed people for mere difference in belief. Such clerics have long taught the masses in Pakistan [...]

Did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Warn Us of ISIS?

This Huffington Post piece was originally published in English on Huffington Post. Since then, it has been shared hundreds of thousands of times (including by Respected Queen Noor of Jordan), viewed millions of times, and translated in numerous [...]

Free Speech, Rational Dialogue & Atheist Forums

I recently posted a piece on my Huffington Post blog on how I see no contradiction between Science and faith. I thought this would be a great stimulus for dialogue on an issue that is often a subject of discussion between theists and atheists. [...]

New atheist: “No Proof!” religion linked to violence.

Exchange with Hate Preacher Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer is a well-known name in the Islamophobia network. His anti-Muslim hatred and promotion of Islamophobia is so vile, even the UK decided to bar him from entering the country. A letter from the UK Home Office said the decision [...]

New Atheist admits ISIS not representative of Islam; Peaceful Islam Exists

This is a conversation I had with my good friend Faisal Saeed Al Mutaar, who I consider a moderate atheist. I use the terms liberal and moderate atheists, to tell them apart from those New atheists that espouse bigotry and Islamophobia. I speak [...]

Hirsi Ali Declares War on Me. But Why?

My name is Kashif Chaudhry. I am a Pakistani immigrant to the United States. Currently, I am completing a Cardiology fellowship in Boston.  While speaking at Yale earlier this week, Hirsi Ali declared war on me. But why?                           To [...]

‘Talibani Atheism’ & how it fuels Islamophobia

Bigotry of any sort – whether based on race, gender, religion or ethnic background – is like cancer. It must be condemned in its start before it metastasizes and takes root in society. At this point, it is usually too late to cure the [...]

Does the Quran Say Sperm is Produced in the Chest?

A few weeks ago, my friend Ali A Rizvi claimed that the Quran endorses apostasy laws. I asked him  to prove his point by quoting the Quran. He hasn’t presented any verse to support his claim thus far. As I state in this blog, even [...]