They Destroyed Her Home. This is How She Responded.

A month ago, a violent mob attacked an Ahmadi-owned factory in Jhelum, burning it – and the adjacent employee quarters – down to the ground. Not enough to satiate their hate, the extremist mob attacked an Ahmadiyya Mosque and Ahmadi [...]

Musaylimah was Killed for his ‘Talibani’ Activities, not his Claims

Extremist clerics and their ignorant followers – and Islamophobes alike – allege that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the early caliphs of Islam killed people for mere difference in belief. Such clerics have long taught the masses in Pakistan [...]

Meet Mr. Tahir Ashrafi, Amateur ‘Photoshopper’ From Pakistan

In a small dark bedroom in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi, sits a big boy who has just learned about photoshop. His name: Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi. Mr. Ashrafi also works as the Chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council, the board of religious [...]

Taliban Shoot Malala – Again

Malala survived the bullets from a Talib’s gun last year, she is now under attack again in Pakistan by the very same men. They attacked her body first, this time they have hit at her soul. Right-wing pro-Taliban anchors and self-proclaimed [...]

Pakistan, when will you accept me?

Though I was born in Pakistan, I was still a baby when my dad had to move to The Gambia in West Africa. The Gambia is a small peaceful country. Here, I remember my mother teaching me the Urdu  Qaida and telling me interesting stories about [...]

[Newsline] A Tale of Two Murders: Searching for Equal Justice

It is the responsibility of a country’s judiciary to provide “equal justice under law” to every single citizen of the state without difference. Without an independent and honest judiciary, all the rights guaranteed to citizens under the [...]

Pak Tea House: Are Liberals to blame for Pakistan’s Extremism?

Imran Khan is Pakistan’s sports superstar. His philanthropy is also admirable. This, however, does not mean I should not exercise my right to criticize Khan’s politics. Sadly,Imran Khan’s followers do not take criticism all that well. [...]

Aamir and Aasia – a tale of two blasphemies

We all know about Aamir Liaquat and we have all sure heard of Aasia Bibi. One is a celebrated religious scholar, the other a poor Christian mother rotting in a Pakistani jail, victim to the State’s notorious blasphemy laws, which are primarily [...]

[Newsline] What your Pakistan Studies Textbooks Don’t Tell You

A child’s education from a young age influences the rest of their lives. A saint is known to have said, “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” It is therefore imperative that we consider it a priority [...]

Demystifying Jinnah’s Pakistan

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, rightly known as the ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity, spent most of his life advocating for a united India in which rights of all factions would be respected and Muslims given an equal representation in all [...]