Why Are These Sunni Muslims Protesting “No To Mosque!!?”

Scunthorpe is a town in North Lincolnshire, England. It is the administrative centre of the North Lincolnshire unitary authority, and has a population close to a hundred thousand. Some Muslims in the town recently finalized a plan to [...]

Richard Dawkins’ Intellectual Dishonesty

This picture was part of a VOA blog. The caption: “An Afghan beggar woman clad in burqa sleeps on a road, as her daughter throws a small stone for fun while waiting for alms on the out skirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. The World Food Program [...]

Challenging Anti-theist Ali Rizvi to a Debate on Blasphemy Laws

Last Summer, a statement by new atheist blogger Ali Rizvi caught my eye. He made the outrageous claim that the Koran endorses apostasy laws. I challenged him to a debate, which he initially accepted but shied away from for over a month, giving [...]

How the new atheist slander campaign backfired

In response to my repeated criticism of the new atheist ideas I consider bigoted, the recent vicious slander campaign  launched by angry new atheists backfired yet again. Even fellow atheists are now pressing Ali Rizvi and Faisal Saeed [...]

Why new atheists are issuing Fatwas & death threats?

Most of you probably already know me. For those who don’t, I am a Muslim human rights activist who is very vocal against injustices anywhere and everywhere, but mostly in the Muslim world. If there is one phrase that best describes my [...]

On Jinnah’s Day, Don’t Side With His Enemies

The 25th of December is an important day for Pakistan. It was this day, that our founder – the Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah – was born. Officially dubbed Jinnah’s day, many celebrate this day by remembering Jinnah’s [...]

We are at war with Science

My name is Sam Harry. I run a pizza business in New York, but I am better known for my keen interest in Science. Though I have no formal education in the sciences, I do not believe I need one to be able to see its deleterious effects on humankind, [...]

The Logic of the New Atheist Mind

My interaction with new atheist blogger Ali Amjad Rizvi started with this conversation.  He had made an outrageous claim, which I called him out on. After dodging and presenting one excuse after another, he finally agreed to debate me on Islam’s [...]

“Need to Offend” vs Intellectual Criticism

Many new atheists repeatedly insist on the need to offend, to disrespect and to hate ideas. Unfortunately, in doing so, some anti-theists also endorse attacking the people behind those religious ideas. Religion, on the other hand, questions [...]

More #AhmadiyyaPhobia by Some New Atheists

More and more new atheists are expressing phobia of Ahmadi Muslims on social media. I have explained why evangelical anti-theists are terrified of progressive Muslims here. To demonize and belittle Muslims who do not fit the “practicing [...]