About Me

Kashif Chaudhry is a Pakistani American physician, currently training in the field of Cardiac Electrophysiology in the DC/Baltimore area. He is a human/civil rights activist and writes/speaks on issues related to religious freedom and freedom of conscience around the world, but especially in the ‘Muslim world.’ His work has been featured in numerous American and foreign publications, including the New York Times, CNN, The New Jersey Record, Daily Caller, DAWN, Express Tribune, Daily Times etc. He also regularly blogs at The Huffington Post.

Kashif moved to the United States to escape the discrimination and religious persecution faced by his Islamic sect – the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Here, he regularly speaks at libraries and universities, educating fellow Americans on Islam and Islamophobia. Kashif has also served as the Chairman of the Muslim Writers Guild of America, premiere Muslim writers’ body in the United States.

Kashif takes keen interest in humanitarian work. In 2005, during his final year of medical school, Kashif was part of a ‘Humanity First’ team that served the victims of the horrific earthquake in Kashmir. He has also been to remote areas of Pakistan and to South America (with Project Pacer) on medical missions. For his community service, Kashif was awarded the Presidential Service Award during President Obama’s first tenure. You can follow him on twitter @KashifMD.