Richard Dawkins’ Intellectual Dishonesty

This picture was part of a VOA blog. The caption: “An Afghan beggar woman clad in burqa sleeps on a road, as her daughter throws a small stone for fun while waiting for alms on the out skirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. The World Food Program announces it will cut food assistance to more than 3 million Afghans because of a shortage of money from donor nations.”

Richard Dawkins, who tweets @RichardDawkins (and has blocked me for challenging his views in the past) picked up the picture and tweeted it with this text: “Afghan kid throwing stones at those who stoned his mother.”

The tweet was re-tweeted hundreds of times. After folks pointed out his misleading tweet, and questioned his need to desperately support his anti-theist views with falsehood, he finally deleted the tweet. If Dawkins wants to be seen as an honest critic, he needs to stop acting on his knee-jerk anti-theist reflexes and stop misleading his fans. Nothing could be more callous than him exploiting a poor beggar and her child for his Islamophobic agenda.

Dawkins has admitted publicly that he is ignorant of the Koran. No wonder he knows little of Islam, and relies on misleading arguments and interpretations by terrorists to make his point.

His Islamophic rant did not stop even after the execution-style #ChapelHillShootings by his die-hard fan and new atheist terrorist, Chick Haigs. He continued to mislead his fans, saying there is only one ideology that preaches death for apostates.

I have debated this issue in detail with new atheist blogger Ali Amjad Rizvi on Huffington Post here. When I called him out for a debate on the issue, Dawkins blocked me a few months ago. I have re-issued my challenge. Instead of accepting an invitation for dialogue, he continues to mislead his fans through misleading tweets. Of course, living in a blinded echo chamber is easier than promoting intellectual discourse.

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